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Goldfield Financials Ltd (Goldfield) is a Financial Services Commission licensed management company based in Mauritius that offers new company registration, company formation, corporate and administration services to Funds, Companies and Private Clients worldwide.

Financial Services Commission Licensed Company in Mauritius

Goldfield Financials is led by a team of professionals who are expertly versed in managing large complex funds and corporate structures. It therefore makes it easier for clients to run and manage their businesses as well as allowing them the chance to focus on the management and performance of their funds and companies.

Goldfield positions itself as a niche market player with focus on quality of service delivery and seamless execution. Our standard operating procedures are modelled on ISAE 3402 standards and our level of service is supported by timely access to functionaries.


Goldfield Financials takes pride in the level of service and expertise we are able to provide our to clients. All processes and procedures are modeled on ISAE 3402 principles ensuring quality, consistency, and timeliness of our service delivery.

Our clients are able to deal with a single point of contact and all work completed is monitored by a Quality Assurance Manager responsible for total quality management.

Our experience spanning over 30 years has allowed us to learn exactly what are the client’s needs and our professional team is able to expertly guide them regardless of where they are based.