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Company Formation in Mauritius

Goldfield Financials is fully committed to offering seamless services and this includes being able to assist in incorporation of companies and setting up of funds for local and international-based clients.

Taking care of incorporation of local and international based clients wanting to set up their operations or satellite operations on Mauritian shores. We facilitate everything from new company registration and bank account opening to ongoing administration and financial statement preparations.

FAQs on Mauritius financial products

Global Business Licence Companies (“GBC”s) are licensed by the Financial Services Commission. 


  • GBCs benefit from specific rules of confidentiality
  • There are no minimum capital requirements for GBCs and capital may be denominated in any foreign currency
  • Single shareholder companies are allowed
  • Companies may be limited by shares, by guarantee or by both shares and guarantee

Ideal for setting up:

  • Aircraft Financing and Leasing
  • Asset Management
  • Consultancy Services
  • Financial Services
  • Fund Management
  • Insurance
  • Licensing and Franchising
  • Logistics and/or Marketing
  • Operational Headquarters
  • Pension Funds
  • Shipping and Ship Management
  • Trading

An Authorised Company (AC) is tax exempt and does not have access to DTC benefits under any of the DTCs that Mauritius has established. An AC is a private company which does not conduct business with Mauritius residents.


  • All AC income is exempt from taxation in Mauritius
  • Flexible, straightforward administration and low cost
  • Quick and efficient Mauritian offshore company registry: turnaround time of less than 72hrs
  • A simple and cost-effective option for holding companies
  • Ideal for investors who require a low cost vehicle for holding a range of assets and investments, collecting any royalties or commissions

Ideal for setting up:

  • Investment holding
  • Property holding
  • International trade
  • Management and consultancy
  • IT services
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Shipping and ship Management
  • One-off transaction using a Special Purpose Vehicle

Trust is an arrangement for the holding and administration of property under which property or legal rights are vested by the owner of the property (the Settlor) in a person or persons (the Trustees).


  • The Mauritius Law allows for the confidentiality of trustees’ deliberations, and the identities of the settlor and beneficiaries
  • Recognition of purpose trusts with no perpetuity rules
  • No forced heirship rules
  • Ability to appoint a protector
  • A trust is exempt from local taxes should it be non-resident trust in Mauritius
  • Exemption of non-resident beneficiaries from income tax in Mauritius on income derived from the trust
  • Exemption of charitable trusts from tax
  • Segregation of the role of managing trustee and custodian trustee is allowed
  • Possibility of a Mauritian Trust to apply for a Global Business license and benefit from the network of DTAAs

A Foundation has the benefits of a trust vehicle and some of a company structure.  A Foundation is a separate legal entity similar to a company, with a Founder who endows a property in the Foundation just like a settlor in a trust.  There is a Council which conduct the affairs and administer the property of the Foundation just like a board of directors managing a company.  The Foundation may have beneficiaries similar to a trust.


  • The assets of the foundation remains under control of the founders
  • Non-resident founders, beneficiaries and assets outside of Mauritius pay no taxes
  • The founder and beneficiaries names are not included in any public records
  • Mauritius laws will not recognize other countries laws attempting to invalidate the transfers based upon inheritance or succession